Child neglect and sexual abuse were the most commonly reported last month

Members of the public are seen voicing anger at child abuse during a march in Male' city on January 24, 2020. (Sun Photo/Ahmed Awshan Ilyas)

According to the latest statistics of the Ministry of Gender, the highest number of cases they received last month were of sexual abuse and neglect.

According to statistics released by the ministry today, 92 cases of various types of child abuse were reported to the Gender Ministry in September. These included 23 cases of child sexual abuse and 20 cases of neglect.

There were six cases of being bullied, four cases of being abused by other children and two cases of intimidation.

As for the cases of mental abuse, 10 cases of mental or verbal abuse were reported to the ministry last month.

According to the ministry, 164 children were in state care last month. They include 71 girls and 93 boys. Last month, one child was taken into state custody, and four were handed over to their families. And one child has been placed in foster care.

Child sexual abuse cases are some of the most common cases in Maldives. Every month, such cases are even reported in the media.