Efforts underway to sack “useless” staff in MIFCO

MIFCO Mas Fihaara in Male' City. (Sun File Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Fisheries Minister Ahmed Shiyam, on Tuesday, revealed that efforts are underway to sack “useless” staff in state fisheries company, MIFCO.

Minister Shiyam was summoned to the parliament on Tuesday to answer questions pertaining to the concerns of the fishermen – submitted sometime earlier. In the time allocated for additional questions – Dhaandhoo MP Yaugoob Abdulla expressed concern over the nonpayment of dues for fishermen.

In response – the Minister accused the former administration of creating high-salaried posts of no use in MIFCO and hiring individuals for these posts. Therefore, he said that the current administration was undertaking efforts to dismiss them.

“Various consultants in senior posts are being dismissed from MIFCO,” he detailed.

“We have noticed that consultants have been hired for MIFCO on high salaries. We are dismissing individuals who have been hired for MIDCO on high salaries that do not contribute to the company in any way, as they are useless posts,” he added.

Minister Shiyam also accused the former administration of hiring close aides of some officials in an attempt to influence MIFCO. In this trajectory, he said close aides of former government officials were appointed to MIFCO’s posts, to ensure matters related to fishermen proceed as they desire.

He attributed such incidents to why fishermen have not been adequately paid for their work from MIFCO’s income.

“Highly influential individuals of various governments played the most crucial role in leading MIFCO to this state,” he emphasized.

Minister Shiyam, citing fishermen, said matters related to fishermen had only moved forward when a specific person wanted it to. In light of this, he assured the government will undertake efforts to reform MIFCO, to provide easements to fishermen.

“We are going to restructure MIFCO. We will reform MIFCO,” he said.

The Minister added that the government will not allow MIFCO to fall into ruins.