Home Ministry expresses concern about people of Maafaru being deprived of basic services

The Ministry of Home Affairs has expressed concern about the people of Maafaru being deprived of basic needs as a result of the island school, council office and health centre being closed due to ongoing protests in the island.

A statement issued by Home Ministry today states that the constitution and laws obligate the provision of the services of institutions such as schools, island councils and health centres, and that the constitution stipulates that obstructing a basic right of a person or a group would be the same as denying citizens their rights.

Home Ministry said that the government will not hesitate to take necessary legal action to bring to an end the complete halt of services provided to people, by a group who say that they want to call on the government to correct certain issues.

Home Ministry further said that the government will prioritise providing services without discrimination to all citizens, and that the projects planned by the government to provide basic services are based on the income received by the state.

The government said that it will always welcome peaceful assembly, as this is a right guaranteed to the Maldivian people in the constitution.