Police investigate possible Maldives Wave scam

Traffic Department officers near Sinamale' Bridge -- Sun Photo/ Fayaz Moosa

Maldives Police Service said it has begun investigating a possible scam promising motorized vehicle imports for customers.

According to the authority, it was looking into Megatron Motors Maldives Wave International for allegedly faking motor vehicle importation for local consumers.

The Economic Crime Department of the police launched probe into the case and said it started inquiring if the company acquire money from customers under false promises.

The authority however, did not disclose the exact amount of money duplicitiously acquired by the company.

Police requested public support, and asked anyone who had paid money to the company for vehicle purchase, to contact them on 9790048.

Cases of scams and frauds have been gradually rising over the recent months.

Authorities have advised the public to practice caution repetitively owing to the significant number victims losing money to such fraudulent practices.