Singapore parliament to be requested for support in relation to $800 million oil trade case

The Parliament Committee on National Security has notified the parliament to request the parliament of Singapore for support during the committee’s trip to Singapore to investigate the case related to the $800 million “illegal” oil trade allegedly carried out by former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom and his brother Abdullah Yameen.

Speaking at the committee meeting yesterday, Hulhu-Henveiru MP Reeko Moosa Manik said that the Maldivian parliament had been notified to send a letter to the Singapore parliament, requesting it to facilitate meetings with the Singapore authority on preventing corruption and Singapore Police in relation to the $800 million case.

He said that this decision had to be made because the Foreign Ministry had refused to fully cooperate on the matter. Moosa said that the Foreign Ministry had said that it would require two weeks to arrange a meeting with the Singapore authority on preventing corruption and Singapore Police.

The committee, which has been probing this case since 2011, has decided to travel to Singapore and Malaysia for this investigation. Even though the decision had been made to commence the travels on 20 January, the trip has been delayed due to failure to arrange meetings with the investigative bodies of the aforementioned countries.

An article published on Indian paper The Week said that the “illegal” oil trade was conducted byan STO Singapore company Mocom. They alleged that the subsidized oil to be sold in the Maldives in collaboration with Mocom in Malaysia,was sold in the blackmarket in Myanmar.