Water projects in 15 islands, sewerage projects in 47 islands will commence this year: Environment Ministry

Ministry of Environment has said that out of the projects planned for the year ahead, water projects in 15 islands and sewerage projects in 47 islands will commence within the year.

Minister of State for Environment and Energy Abdul Matheen Mohamed said this while speaking at a function at SHE building to launch the ministry’s work plan for 2013.

Matheen said that despite the budget difficulties, the state budget will be used for water projects in five islands, and that loans will be used for water projects in six islands. Sewerage projects will be conducted in 32 islands using the state budget, while loans will be used for similar projects in 13 islands. Sewerage projects will also be conducted in two islands under CSR.

“Until now, adequate water services have been established only in four islands, and sewerage systems in 30 islands. But work in these areas will be increased this year,” he said.

Environment Minister Dr Mariyam Shakeela said while speaking at the function that MVR315 million will be spent from the government budget on projects by the Environment Ministry, out of which MVR50 million will be spent on the program budget.

She said that MVR265 million will be spent on Public Sector Investment Programs (PSIP), of which 70 percent will be spent on water and sewerage projects.

Dr Shakeela said that MVR500 million is required for water and sewerage projects, while MVR900 million is required for ongoing projects. She said that funds will be obtained in different ways to carry out these projects despite the budget difficulties faced by the state.

“Due to the budget difficulties we are almost not able to pay salaries in some areas. But we are working through the projects we have in hand and other ways. And we are trying to find a solution by holding discussions with the Finance Ministry,” she said.

Environment Ministry said today that MVR14.03 million will be spent from the budget on addressing the environmental issues faced by the country, while MVR128.7 million of foreign aid will be spent for the same purpose.