Additional arrest in Nepalese man’s kidnapping

Police arrest a suspect at a crime scene.

An additional arrest was made in the kidnapping of a Nepalese man who was subsequently held hostage in a guesthouse in Male’ City.

Police, in a message to the media, identified the suspect as a 30-year-old Bangladeshi man. He was arrested under a court order on Monday.

Police said the suspect was remanded in custody for 15 days when presented before the court.

The Nepalese man held against his will at the guesthouse was safely rescued on Friday. Police confirmed that the man was found in stable condition.

One of the two Bangladeshi suspects arrested in the case earlier has been released while the other suspect was remanded in custody for 10 days.

The case is under further investigation by the Police.

Kidnapping cases have been rising in the Greater Male' Area at an alarming rate more recently, which had included a case of luring people into an apartment and robbing them of their possessions, and other blackmail cases.

In this regard, a total of 27 kidnapping cases have been submitted to the Police this year, as of May 16th.  The highest number of cases was submitted in March, at 10.