Couple arrested for kidnapping, robbery

Criminal Court. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

A married couple has been arrested by the police in connection to a case where the victim was unlawfully restrained, stripped naked, taken photos and videos of, threatened and blackmailed, and then robbed.

Zunaira Ibrahim, 39, a native of F. Nilandhoo who currently resides in Male’, was brought before the Criminal Court for her remand hearing on Wednesday.

The court ordered for her to be held at a custodial jail for 15 days.

Court documents show that her husband was also arrested by the police in connection to the case.

Zunaira is accused of involvement in holding the victim hostage.

The court ordered her to be held in jail, citing risk of witness intimidation and witness tampering.

 The police submitted snapshots of CCTV footage, along with the victim’s statement and additional proof as evidence against the couple.

Cases involving kidnapping and hostage situations have seen an alarming rise in the greater Male’ area.

In most cases, victims are held against their will and blackmailed and robbed, after they are lured to places under various ruses.