MDP Councilor and thugs perpetrate violence against Islamic party leader Imran

A Councilor of B. Thulhaadhoo Island Council, belonging to former President Mahomet Nasheed’s Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) and a crowd of thugs have perpetrated violence against Shaikh Imran Abdullah, President of the Islamist Adhaalath Party, and his company, upon their arrival in the island in Baa atoll.

According to a source from Adhaalath Party, the crowd of violent thugs who tried to prevent Shaikh Imran’s visit to the island, and tried to attack him and his colleagues were members of MDP, led by the party Councilor.

A man from Thulhaadhoo spoke to Sun Online, saying that the attackers threw stones at the visitors, and shouted obscene words at them. He also said that several of the visitors were injured during the incident.

The police have, meanwhile, arrested a number of people following the incident, and according to reports, the MDP Councilor is also among the detained.

Adhaalath Party also said that MDP members tried to disrupt a membership program conducted by the part yesterday in Malé, at Giyaasuddin School as well.

Former President Nasheed and his MDP used Adhaalath as a significant partner in its efforts to overthrow former President Maumoon, and Adhaalath played a significant role in winning the 2008 presidential elections for Nasheed. Back then, MDP and Nasheed praised Adhaalath for being a moderate Islamic party with a positive vision for the nation. However, since Adhaalath left MDP’s government in 2011 and started criticizing it, Nasheed and MDP have vehemently denounced Adhaalath and attacked them, accusing Adhaalath of extremism.