STO decides to import aggregate from Bangladesh and Sri Lanka

State Trading Organization (STO) has decided to start importing aggregate from Bangladesh and Sri Lanka following a temporary suspension of export of aggregate from India.

Managing Director of STO Shahid Ali said today that they are currently communicating with Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan suppliers to facilitate the import.

Shahid says that they hope to get aggregate from Sri Lanka at the same price as India, but said that that the cost of import from Bangladesh could possibly be a bit higher.

“We think we can get from Lanka, at same price we got from India. When we looked at Bangladesh, the freight is a bit higher. So from Bangladesh, there is an increase of about 4 rufiyaa per sack,” he said.

Maldives has been importing aggregate from India under a special quota extended by the Indian government. Indian Ministry of Commerce has notified Indian suppliers that the aggregate quota has been temporarily suspended from the 15th of January onwards.