Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) has criticised Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and said that it takes credit for the government’s successes, but disassociates itself if the government is being criticised.

DRP Parliamentary Group Deputy Leader and Kelaa MP Dr Abdullah Mausoom said this in an interview with Sun Online, in response to the remarks made by the PPM Parliamentary Group Leader at a rally last night.

“If the government achieves something, they’d say it was them, they want to be the ones who sustain the government. But if the government is being harmed in any way, they are not part of it. If the government gets recognised for something, they take credit for it,” he said.

He said that the most important part of providing public services is the budget, and that the budget proposed by the government was reduced by two million Rufiyaa by PPM and Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP). He said that it would not be wise to criticise the difficulties faced as a result of this.

Dr Mausoom said that MDP got clean majority at the Parliament Committee on Oversight of the Government because People’s Alliance (PA) gave up its slot in the committee. He said that the former Parliamentary Leader of PA (Abdullah Yameen) is now a member of PPM, and that MDP holds majority at the committee because PPM facilitated it.

Dr Mausoom said that PPM has done two things to obstruct the government, and expressed concern over the fact that PPM continues to criticise the government.

“The budget issue I mentioned earlier, and allowing MDP hold majority at the Government Oversight Committee, these are two things that would make things difficult for the government. PPM initiated these two things, they participated in doing this. It’s worrying that they criticise the government’s performance after having done that,” he said.

He said that DRP is also not in favour of all of the government’s undertakings, but DRP had informed (President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik) of the issues that they are not in favour of. He said that DRP would work towards sustaining the government until the next presidential election.

“We are with the government; we want to serve the people as much as possible this year. After that we are determined to work for the happiness and prosperity of the people once DRP comes to power,” he said.

PPM presidential primary candidate Abdullah Yameen called on President Waheed, at a rally at carnival area last night to mark the one year anniversary of the change of former President Mohamed Nasheed’s government, to correct several issues.

“What we’re seeing today, and it is with sadness I say this, is the current government failing. The institutions are now incapable,” he said.