Last year showed most progress in O

Minister of Education Dr. Asim Mohamed has said that last year has shown most progress in O’Level exams results to date.

The Minister made his statements speaking at the opening ceremony of the University Education Fair held in Dharubaaruge Rannabandeyri Maalam today.

He said that an improvement in O’level statistics would mean that there will be an increase in the number of student who will want go abroad for further studies and added that the opportunities for further studies in Maldives are limited.

“Education in the Maldives is seeing day to day progress. When we got back the results of the children who did the O’level exam last year, we saw that there was a progress like we had never seen before. The result of such an achievement will be that they will aim for higher studies. Aiming at higher education, we have to expand opportunities in the Maldives for higher studies. We also have to increase the opportunities we get from abroad,” Asim said.

Minister also said that the futures of the students are in the hands of their parents and that the parents should guide them through the right path.

He also advised the parents to aid the children to choose courses in line with the jobs that are available in the Maldives.

“The futures of the students are also in the hands of the parents. It is important that the students consider the jobs available in Male’ when they choose which course to study. Choosing a course in line with a job that pays a good salary will pave way to mold a good life in the future,” said the Minister.

The fair which opened today is being organized by Glonet in collaboration with a number of international universities and colleges. The fair is being held in Maldives for the 12th year.

Eight local and international universities are participating in the fair this year. Glonet says that the fair will end tomorrow.