ACP Riyaz dismissed as Criminal Investigations head; Intelligence gets new chief

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Mohamed Riyaz at a press conference on July 24, 2021. (Photo/Maldives Police Service)

Assistance Commissioner of Police Mohamed Riyaz has been dismissed as the Head of Criminal Investigations Department.

A police spokesperson confirmed the decision to Sun on Tuesday.

According to the spokesperson, Chief Superintendent of Police Ahmed Nafiz has been appointed the Interim Head of the Criminal Investigations Department.

Meanwhile, Superintendent of Police Ismail Shameem was appointed as the Head of Intelligence Department, replacing Superintendent of Police Fareed Ismail.

Additional changes include the appointment of Inspector Atheeq al-Rahman as Head of Police Security Intelligence.

Riyaz, who has been dismissed as the Head of Criminal Investigations, was appointed as Assistant Commissioner of Police in 2019. He had been dismissed from the police force for misconduct in 2017, but was reinstated in 2018.

The major changes within the police force comes with Deputy Commissioner of Police Abdul Mannan Yoosuf – who is also the Acting Commissioner of Police, along with Deputy Commissioner of Police Ali Rasheed set to retire on November 25.