Nasheed returns to Male

Former President Mohamed Nasheed has returned to Male’ after an overseas trip.

A large crowd or MDP supporters gathered near Jetty No. 4 to welcome him at around 10:30pm last night.

On 21 December, a technical error at the airport prevented Nasheed from departing the country. He wanted to go abroad to visit his father who was ill. Nasheed departed to Bangkok to visit his father on 25 December. He did not talk to reporters upon arrival last night.

Nasheed’s passport had been withheld due to the ongoing trial against him in relation to the arrest of Criminal Court Chief Judge Abdullah Mohamed while Nasheed was president. Nasheed delayed his trip after his passport was withheld by Immigration Department in spite of Hulhumale’ Court’s order to release his passport.

While Nasheed returned to Male’ last night, Hulhumale’ Court has extended the period of his permit to travel abroad.

People are waiting impatiently for Nasheed’s trial, but the next session at Hulhumale’ depends on a Supreme Court ruling. Even though the Supreme Court has decided that Hulhumale’ Court is a legitimate court, no ruling has been issued on the case filed by Nasheed to High Court indicating that the bench of judges presiding over his case is illegal. High court has also issued a temporary order to Hulhumale’ Court to halt the trial until a decision is made on this matter. If High Court rules against Nasheed, it is likely that his legal team will file the decision to Supreme Court. If High Court rules in favour of Nasheed, it is likely that the state will appeal the case.