Spending on healthcare increased because of the failure to establish a healthy environment: Siyam

Maldives Development Alliance (MDA) Interim Leader Ahmed Siyam Mohamed has said that the healthcare costs increased because of the failure to establish a healthy environment for the people. Siyams statements were made while speaking to the people of Noonu Kedhikolhudhoo as part of the special efforts by the party to increase its membership.

Siyam said that the healthcare system failed, and the spending for the healthcare system has risen to over millions of rufiyaa because the leaders have neglected the health of the citizens and that because they have neglected the citizens environment to be polluted. The state of the healthcare of some of the islands have deteriorated beyond the level in which they were many years ago, Siyam said.

“The state of this island’s environment has deteriorated even worse than when I lived here as a child. State of the water is so bad. You smell worse when you come out of the shower then you first when in,” Siyam said.

He said that while the island’s water lens has been polluted, no government has done adequate work to rectify the problem, and that this causes different kinds of diseases to infest the country, and noted that the reason for the Maldives to have so many skin diseases is because of water pollution.

Siyam said that reflecting on the amount of money that comes into the country, and the amount of tax collected from the people, the money is not being spent to provide the people with the fundamental services. On the contrary, Siyam said that what we see are actions of corruption from every government and that what happens to the people’s money is not clear.

He said that the leaders have failed if the fundamental services guaranteed in the constitution and laws are not provided to the people. It is an obligation of every leader to provide the people with the minimum amount specified in the constitution and the laws, Siyam said.

The meeting held by MDA in Noonu Kedhikolhudhoo last night was one of the most celebrated meetings held by the party to date. With more than 1000 people in attendance, the meeting was held on the island’s harbor area. A large number of people signed up for the party during the meeting. A number of people also came to Kedhikolhudhoo from within the atoll to attend the meeting and join the party.

MDA also opened two party offices in two of the island’s wards. The offices were inaugurated by the MDA Interim Leader Ahmed Siyam Mohamed and Deputy Leader Ahmed Amir.