Police: Rape victim was taken to doctor

Photo shows safaris in the harbor of Hulhumale'.

Police have said that a foreign woman who was allegedly raped on a safari near Hulhumale’ last Friday was consulted with a doctor afterward after reports circulating on local media stated that police had failed to do so. 

The case was reported to the police at 5:00 last Friday. A statement by police read that the woman was taken to the hospital in the morning. 


A statement by police regarding the matter read that the police had clarified information from the parties involved after attending the Hulhumale’ Jetty area where the victim was with two men. 

The statement by the alleged victim reads that she was taken to Hulhumale’ harbor by the two men who are the alleged rapists after she jumped into the sea from the safari. The men had reportedly retrieved the woman from the water before taking her to the shore. She had jumped from the safari after the men had forcefully tried to abuse her and have sexual intercourse. The victim had reportedly gone to the safari upon an invitation from a friend, where she was subjected to the abuse after some time. 

Police said that the two men were taken into custody from the continuing scene of the crime. They were later released based on the information received which concluded that there was no reason to keep them in custody as the investigation commenced. 

In similar cases, police have taken the matter to court to decide on the detention. However, police have acted significantly different in this case. 

While accusations have been levied at leading government figures, opposition figures have been calling to disclose the matter.  

“Assurance is that any warranted immediate action will be taken in the case and a rightful investigation would be conducted without any influence” read the statement by police. 

"Victim did not speak to any media"

Police also said that the alleged victim had not spoken to any media regarding the case. The statement by police comes after a report was published by a local media that had stated it had been in contact with the victim. Police said that the victim had been questioned regarding the different versions of events circulated in the media.  

She had clarified that she had not spoken to media regarding the matter and had included everything about the incident in her statement to the police. 

“We have requested the removal of information about the victim and her photographs from media and express concern that the fabricated information about the incident is being circulated along with the photo and information pertaining to the victim.” read the statement by police. 

Police also advised caution in relation to such incidents which could cause further traumatization and damage to the victim of the incident. Individual responsibility was also stressed by police regarding information shared on social media related to such incidents.