SC upholds detainment of alleged drug kingpin Shaheeb

Shaheeb Ibrahim from Lighthouse, G. A. Villingili, a PNC council member who was arrested in a massive 130 kg drug bust in Hulhumale' on October 12, 2020.

The Supreme Court has upheld the detainment of Shaeeb Ibrahim, who was alleged to have been the kingpin of a major drug network in the Maldives, until the end of his trial. 

Shaheeb is a Council Member of the People’s National Congress (PNC) and even served as a Coordinator of the Housing Ministry during the last administration. He was arrested in connection with a drug bust of 130 kilograms from a fishing boat in Hulhumale’. 

He was initially detained for a period of 14 days but later released due to a lack of evidence later on. The Prosecution then appealed the matter to the High Court citing possible witness tampering and danger to society. The High Court ordered his detainment only for Shaheeb to appeal to the Supreme Court. 

The Supreme Court moved to uphold the detainment today. Charges against Shaheeb have not yet been brought.