Police link dead body and drifting man; identified as Sri Lankan fishermen

A Sri Lankan man in distress was rescued in Maldivian waters on February 16, 2021. (Photo/MNDF)

Police have confirmed that a dead body found on the uninhabited island of V. Fohtheyo Bodufushi and a man rescued drifting at sea on a dinghy are linked, also adding that the two men were Sri Lankan fishermen. 

The man on the dinghy was found drifting near V. Anbaraa yesterday evening while the dead body was found on the uninhabited island in the afternoon. Police stated yesterday that the two cases were believed to be linked. 

From the information obtained for the investigation so far, police said that the two men had set out from Sri Lanka on January 30 and had drifted at sea, before eventually reaching the Maldives. 

No signs of harm were visible on the dead body found on the island, however, authorities transported the body to Male' City to further examine. 

Further inquiries related to the case were being made through the relevant authorities, said the police.