Body of teenager killed in Maamendhoo sent to India for autopsy

Ahmed Udhayyu (17).

The body of Ahmed Udhayyu (17) killed in a violent altercation in G. A. Maamendhoo on February 8, has been sent to India for a post mortem examination. 

The post mortem examination is to be conducted at the Medical College, based in Trivandrum, India. Udhayyu was murdered after being stabbed with a knife in a violent altercation between two groups.

Police had earlier stated that Udhayyu's body was to be examined to identify the exact cause of death as well as to gain information relevant to any questions that may be posed during the investigation and trial into the murder. 

Five people were arrested in connection with the killing. Udhayyu's elder brother was also wounded during the altercation. The Serious and Organized Crime Department of Police are investigating the case.